Frank J. Buchman

Cowboy • Horseman • Writer

Home’s The Best Place To Dine

“Where are we going to eat?” “We’re going to eat at home.” Many people ask the first question, but few respond  the way we do most of the time.

Bronco Betty and her camera make memories live forever

“Pictures remember when the mind forgets.” Generally always with camera in hand, smiling broadly Bronco Betty sees agriculture life through the lens and records that for perpetuity. “It’s easy to forget something about somebody, but a photograph brings back the meaning.”

Ellinwood Cowboy Takes Recovery-Break Getting Ready For New Year’s Steer Roping Tour

“You’re d… right it hurts, but we’re getting better. We’ll be ready for San Antonio.” “No pain,  no gain” takes on true meaning for Cody Scheck of Ellinwood, one of only two Kansas cowboys qualifying for the National Finals Steer Roping this year at Guthrie, Oklahoma. “It’s been two weeks since surgery, and there’s sure […]

Caution When The Match Strikes

“Don’t play with matches.” That’s long been the warning about just one strike of a match. Others stressed: “Don’t play with fire,” as there are identical consequences. Wind was brisk, but those brush piles continued to worry us. We grabbed the kitchen matches along with old papers as starting fuel and attempted to start a […]

Horses Galore From Five States In 20th Lawrence Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade

“This is the best parade I’ve ever  seen.” An outburst of clapping became contagious as a fringe-topped survey pulled by a fast trotting bay horse with silky-long-flowing-mane-and-tail, and adorned in Christmas tassels and patriotic plume, rolled onto Massachusetts Avenue, packed with spectators, semblance of football stadiums later in the day.

Majestic deer prairie kings

“Wyatt got a buck. We’re going over to see it.” That note was on the kitchen table as we came in after work. Fortunately, we got there just in time to go along and see the excited fifth grade grandson display his trophy.