Rodeo Spectators Reminded About True Story Of Hard Times During ‘Cody’s Roundup’

Time turns back to simpler, yet much sadder times, while life as it truly was is being revealed in rodeo arenas throughout the country.

Stories of The Great Depression are beyond imaginations of even Baby Boomers, whose grandparents, and sometimes even parents, lived the now incomprehensible struggles of the great stock market crash coupled with Dust Bowl Days of the 1930s. Today’s generation has no clue of the terminology, and even less inkling of what it was really like. Continue reading →

Jackson County Fair Opens Entirety At Holton’s All-New Northeast Kansas Heritage Complex

Been in the making for a time, but most stuff is done, and it’s ready for action.

“The Jackson County Fair Association and numerous volunteers have been hard at work, and this year’s edition of the Jackson County Fair, July 24, through August 1, is set for the new Northeast Kansas Heritage Complex,  south of Holton at 12200 214th Road, actually just west of Highway 75, on 214th,” announced Deb Dillner, enthusiastic official of the sponsoring group. Continue reading →