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Amazing, Certainly Not Humdrum

“Your God Is Too Boring” It’s the title of the book we’re reading, but the thought never crossed our mind. Like saying “school is boring,” or “life is boring.” Not to us.

Miss Rodeo K-State Looks To Busy Schedule Spreading Rodeo Story To All

“I’m still so excited and planning what all I want to do to share everything there is about the great sport of rodeo, and of course the great opportunities at Kansas State University.” Newly crowned Miss Rodeo K-State Brooke Wallace claimed, “My adrenaline has finally subdued, but there’s so much to do now that the […]

Still Essential To Calculate

“The problem is too many people can’t count.” Now, this is speaking from experience. Arithmetic was a favorite grade school subject, adding, subtracting, learning multiplication-tables, dividing.