The Fondest Memories

A beautiful woman.

Always with a smile.

Always knew me.

Always friendly.

Always seemingly to want to talk to me and interested in what I was doing.

Always an immaculate home sweet home.

Always delicious food that a picky eater wanted, liked and ate, specifically, memorable breakfast coffee cake. Continue reading →

Answers To Agriculture Concerns At Farm Profit Conference In Ottawa March 4

With commodity prices at near all-time high levels, farming has been good business for most. But, changes are on the horizon.

Today, farmers and rancher have questions in their minds, about what the future of their so essential industry holds.

Answers to those agriculture concerns is the objective of the Farm Profit Conference scheduled Wednesday, March 4, at Celebration Hall, 220 West 17th Street, Ottawa. Continue reading →

The Smile

It will make all the troubles go away.

That may not be completely true, but those who smile do always feel better.

Everyone around them is more positive as well.

When a person is in a pleasant mood, the atmosphere improves for those nearby. Continue reading →