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Certain Obsessions Are Essential

“Addictions are uncontrollable desires.” That’s our definition, but the dictionary lists more. Typically, one considers an addiction as bad, and perhaps it is. Initially some might think of health-damaging-use of drugs and alcohol. Not having those attractions, we can’t really make an honest evaluation.

Excitement Builds With Danger For Even Bigger Third Flint Hills Bull Blowout

Gray Squirrel, owned by New Frontier Rodeo Company of Roxbury, shows the form that makes him one of the top bucking bulls in both the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and Professional Bull Riders events. His offspring will be featured in the draw for the Flint Hills Bull Blowout at Strong City September 8. (Photo by […]

Tradition Continues With 60th Annual Eskridge Labor Day Rodeo

For six decades, cowboys, cowgirls and rodeo enthusiasts have circled the first Monday of September on their calendars for the annual Eskridge Labor Day Rodeo. “This year is no different, and a special 60th anniversary celebration is set for the rodeo, with performances on both Sunday and Monday,” according to Dean Imthurn, president of the […]

Concern For Others Important

“Are you alright? That was the question from drivers of two cars who stopped as we were clipping short locust trees in the brome field north of the ranch headquarters. The first one just rolled down the window and hollered, but the second one pulled off the road, got out and headed our direction.